2021 Member Upgrade

We are looking forward to having you take part in our Founding Member Online Upgrade Event! We look forward to seeing you at the event in 2021 and beyond!

Below please find some helpful resources to guide you though this process.
For any additional questions please contact us directly at 305-943-OPEN.

Step 1

At your assigned date and time, click the relocation link your email (https://am.ticketmaster.com/miamiopen/#/) and log in using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, click forgot password.


Step 2

Upon login, please select the upgrade now button if you are looking to upgrade. To add on seats click the add on only button.

Account manager step 2

Step 3

By selecting relocate now, you will see your current seat location. Select the seat location you would like to relocate and click next in the top right corner.

Account manager Step 3

Step 4

You will now be taken to the virtual venue where you will see an aerial view of the courts. To navigate different aerial views of the stadium, use the navigator tab on the left of your screen.

Seating sections with availability will have a green dot indicating availability. Select one of these sections and you will see available rows and seats in green.

Account Manager Step 4

Step 5

You must indicate the quantity of seats you are looking to select. Please use the plus and minus button to increase or decrease the number of seats you would like to select. This button is located at the top left above the navigator.

Account manager step 5

Step 6

Select the seats in green you would like to add on, click add to cart. Seats will now be moved to your cart located in the checkout tab at the top right. You will have 5 minutes on each screen, please be aware seats are not secure in your account until you select checkout.

Account manager step 6

Step 7

To proceed to checkout, please view your cart and click continue.

Account Manager Step 7

Step 8

In the cart, review the new seat information pertaining to your seat selection including section, row, seat, price and the total for your location. After review select checkout, once you select checkout you will not be able to go back to the virtual venue.

Account manager Step 8

Step 9

Please select delivery method of mobile entry and click continue.

Account Manager Step 9

Members are given two options in order to process the upgrade. You can either pay in full or enroll in the monthly dues payment plan.

Account Manager Step 9