Miami Open Theme Days

Session 2

Kids Day

Tuesday, March 24th
9 am to 11:30 am

Clinic, opportunity to learn from pro coaches, pro player appearances, access to qualifying matches

Session 3

Spring Camp Day

Wednesday, March 25th
Starts at 10 am
Promo Code: CAMPER20

Science Presentation from Frost Science Museum

Session 4

Teacher Appreciation Night

Wednesday, March 25th
Promo Code: TEACHER20
Session 6

College Night

Thursday, March 26th
Promo Code: COLLEGE20
Happy Hour - Champions Club
Session 6

Argentinian Heritage Night

Thursday, March 26th
Promo Code: ARGENTINA20
Session 8

Canadian Heritage Night

Friday, March 27th
Promo Code: CANADA20
Session 10

Brazilian Heritage Night

Saturday, March 28th
Promo Code: BRAZIL20
Session 15

Field Trip Day

Tuesday, March 31st
10 am
Promo Code: FIELD20

Museum of Science and Discovery Presentation

Session 22

UM Night

Friday, April 3rd
Promo Code: CANES20
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Session 12

Out at The Open

Sunday, March 29th
Promo Code: PRIDE20
5th Quarter Reserved – Need Drink Tickets

James Blake Q&A and DJ Citizen Jane

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