Resale tickets

Step 1 – Ticket holders must sign in to their account on

Step 2 Select the session you’d like to post for resale and click sell button.

Step 3 Select the ticket(s) you’re looking to sell and click Next.

Step 4 – ‘Set your earning price‘ – this is the dollar amount you will receive from the sale. (this is NOT the sales price customers will see online, the sales price will include fees). Once you input your earning price … the list price will appear in green below.

Select Continue once price is set to your liking.

Step 5 – Verify that the ‘Seller Profile’ and ‘Payment Method’ contain current information, edit if necessary.
Click Submit Listing.

Edit listing

Details regarding the posted price and expiration date of the listing can now be seen when managing tickets.

Step 1 Select Edit/Manage to cancel or edit price of listing.

Step 2 – Edit price or cancel listing.