Guide to Account Manager

Full Tournament Purchasers:

  • Please manage your tickets through the Account Manager.
  • The instructions within this guide will teach you how to manage your tickets.

Single Session Purchasers:

  • If you purchased your tickets from, you must sign in to your account through or through the Ticketmaster app to manage your tickets.
  • If you purchased your tickets from a Miami Open representative, you must sign in to your account through Account Manager to access your tickets.

Logging In

To log in:

    1. Visit
    2. Click “Sign In” on the top right.
    3. To sign in, enter the email you used to purchase your tickets and your password.

If you forgot your password or have not yet created an Account Manager account:

    1. Click “Forgot Password”, enter your email address, and click “Next”.
    2. You will either be sent a temporary password via email, or you may receive the error message below. If you receive the message below, click “sign up” and enter the information. After creating a Ticketmaster account with that email, you can then log in.

Managing Tickets

To view/manage your tickets:

    1. Click “Manage Tickets” on the top left.
    2. From there, you will be able to see all of your tickets.

Transferring Tickets:
If you wish to transfer tickets, click “transfer”, select the tickets you wish to transfer, then follow the prompts.

Re-Selling Tickets:
If you wish to resell tickets, click into a session first, then click “sell”. Re-sale will be available closer to the tournament.

Mobile Tickets

Tickets are mobile-only. To access your barcodes and save tickets to your wallet, follow the same log-in instructions from your mobile phone.

1. Click on the event you wish to view and all of your tickets to that event should appear:

2. Click any of the seats to pull up your ticket:

3. You can then save the tickets to your Apple or Google Wallet for best entry experience.

Please note:

  • Screenshots of the barcode will not scan.
  • When Apple users add tickets to the wallet and pull up their tickets within their wallet, they will have a message that says “hold near reader” rather than a rolling barcode. This is an NFC ticket and can be scanned by holding phone up to the scanner.