Grounds Passes & Outer Court Tickets

Grandstand Duration Plan

A Grandstand Duration Plan grants access to a reserved seat for all tournament matches in the Grandstand, the second largest court on the grounds. Additionally, Grandstand Duration ticketholders will have access to all general admission seating areas in other outer courts. 

Grandstand Duration Package

Grandstand Duration Dates: March 1928

  • Reserve a Grandstand seat for each match of the tournament
  • Witness marquee matches in an intimate setting
  • Discounted tickets available for Stadium Duration Members
  • Package options starting at $750 per seat
  • Grandstand Duration Plans starting at $800 per seat ($80 per day)

Grandstand seating

Grandstand Single Day Pass

The perfect option for fans who want to enjoy tennis matches from a more intimate setting

Reserved Seating

All-day reserved seating in the Grandstand Court

Grandstand Court

The Grandstand Court is the second-largest court at the Miami Open

Intimate Setting

Offers a closer view for fans who want to watch some of the biggest names in tennis

All-Day Access

Access to the Miami Open campus for an entire day

Grandstand seating

Grounds Passes

Fans will have all-day access to spaces including:

  • Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

  • Kiki on the River

  • Casa Florida

  • American Social

  • Court 29 Food Hall featuring Novecento, Omakai, SuViche, Cheeseburger Baby, Dos Croquetas and Jimmy Dean BBQ

Miami Open Campus

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